Trip to the doctor’s office

Seems like it should be an easy thing to take the 21-minute bullet train to the next city over to see the doctor and physical therapist. So why was I having such a hard time? I finally sat down to calculate, and discovered that from the time I walked out my door until I arrived at the doctor’s office, 2 hours 45 minutes were gone. Round-trip was 5-1/2 hours, only an hour of which I was seated. The humidity in this mostly un-air-conditioned country was as thick as molasses, up until massive thunderstorms rolled in to break it up. Either way, the weather conspired to keep my skin and hair miserably wet all day. I traveled by electric scooter, subway, train, subway again, and bus no. 11 (expat code for “my own two feet”) to get to the doctor’s office. Fortunately for me, a Starbucks recently opened at the local train station, to take away a little pain in the morning hours.  I happily collapsed on my soft bed in my air-conditioning bedroom at the end of the day. What can I say? Life’s not perfect, but it is good to be alive. Really, really good to be here and alive!

(Photos: Starbucks recently opened in both train stations. Unfortunately, on my next trip to the doc, I can’t eat or drink before I get there and have some tests done. The little pics above are within a few blocks of my doctor’s office. It’s a lovely, lovely area.)


2 thoughts on “Trip to the doctor’s office

  1. Fran S says:

    So very happy to hear from you! We talk to Father about you every day. Will keep your needs in mind. The ladies group ask about you also. Glad you have a Starbucks to get a yummy drink. Maybe a cool Frappe rather than a hot one since the weather is so warm. Fran


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