Back in the Middle Kingdom

I got back overseas almost a month ago. Many times I wanted to write, but my work computer crashed and my personal one is malfunctioning so I can hardly use it. Combine that with the “Great Firewall” and it makes blog posting nearly impossible.

I do plan to write more when I get a new computer three weeks from now.

I have found a good doctor and several therapists in my area who are able to help me with my current health needs (lymphedema, right shoulder and arm that are damaged by surgery and don’t work very well, and pain). A therapist here told me that the tendons in my neck are twisted. They feel twisted. They hurt all the time. My shoulder is like a rock. I can’t lift my arm. Every medical professional that sees my neck, arm and shoulder gasp when they see them the first time. They tell me they can help me, but I can see in their eyes that they are not sure if they can or not. But I have not given up hope that God will find a way to make me better.

I had bronchitis for ten days before and ten days after my trip overseas … and of course on the plane here. Bronchitis and jet lag made the first few weeks rather difficult. Antibiotics helped make the coughing finally go away.

Fatigue associated with radiation treatment can take years to go away. That is something I battle, but I’d have it whether I was in Texas or Asia … I just have to live with it.

I am getting around pretty well, building up my stamina more each day. I think I am going to be fine. But I don’t feel perfect just yet, so if you feel inclined to pray for me, I would certainly appreciate it.

Looking back over the past two years, I see God’s hand in so many of the good things that happened. I hope to write about some of them when my computer situation normalizes.

Well, sorry it took so long to update you. I appreciate all of you so very much!


3 thoughts on “Back in the Middle Kingdom

  1. So good to hear from you directly. Glad you are settling in, but sorry about your computers. Looking forward to more detailed reports. Will be praying for progress and improvement for your health issues and for your work there. Tell Mimi hi from aunt Nnell. Love and miss you.

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  2. Catherine M says:

    So good to hear how you are doing. I trust the computer situation won’t be too frustrating while you await your new one. Praying the Dr and therapist there can figure out how to help your neck. Much love. xxx

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