It was a Sunday, but not a fun day

image (45)TODAY – I couldn’t keep my breakfast down and my head was throbbing. This happens 2 or 3 or 4 times a year. I knew I’d better get to the ER fast.

Of all the places to have need for an ER, this is the best I’ve found. I’ve had this ailment in America, Thailand, and China over the past 8 years. Once I went to a Chinese-run ER in the city where I live now, and it was pretty horrendous. But in this city there is also a medical practice operated by western-trained Singaporean doctors. They are open on weekends and evenings, they know me well, and I get immediate service. On top of that, the whole thing probably costs less than a hundred bucks. They file directly with my insurance too. Can’t beat the service or the price!

The doctor who saw me today is the same one who first found my cancer in August 2014; at that time, he sent me to another big city to get it further diagnosed (I went to Hong Kong). When I walked in today, he looked as if he was seeing a ghost. I don’t think he ever expected to see me again. It was a joyous thing … except for the part about me holding my head and wanting to throw up.

Three bags of IV’s later, a long afternoon nap and several medications later, I was as good as new. I really hate this headache/nausea combo though, and pray that it will never come back. It is not a good way to spend a Sunday.

I find myself appreciating doctors more and more as time goes by, and I’m also thankful for the generous health insurance plan provided by my employer. Mostly, I am thankful to a caring God who loves me and watches over me.


3 thoughts on “It was a Sunday, but not a fun day

  1. jfmelson says:

    O, I am so sorry for this but like you …. so grateful for medical personnel AND for the ones who knew you. Amen Praying for you so frequently. I need to ask you to revamp my email address ….. hope you can as I will not have the address used now ….. my new one is Please know you are prayed for and God is listening. Love you Sis.

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