Time for my one-year check up


One year and two days ago, I finished my cancer treatment. Praise God for His care and for this victory in my life! I was able to move back overseas nine months ago, and I am slowly but surely increasing in strength as my body recovers from the chemo, radiation, and nerve damage suffered during my neck surgery.

In early February, just a few weeks from now, I will travel back to the U.S. and have my one-year check-up. I have 10 appointments at MD Anderson, will have at least two road trips from my parents house to there, will have one surgery on February 15th, and will have two procedures that involve anesthesia.

I knew last year that this surgery was going to happen. It is not a cancer surgery, just a reparative surgery.

Please pray:
–Pray there will be no cancer in my body for the doctors to find.
–Pray for protection during surgery.
–Pray for protection from the dangers posed by anesthesia.
–Pray for safe travels both in the air and on the roads.
–Pray for my brother J who will have to take days off work to take me to Houston. It is pretty inconvenient for him, yet he is willing to give up his time to help me. Pray that things will work out for his good in regards to his work and time off.
–Pray I will quickly recover from the flu that I sadly obtained three days ago. I’m not famous for quick recoveries from respiratory problems. I need to be completely well before I have surgery.

–Thank God that my brother and I have friends in Houston who will let us stay with them. Also, I am thankful this was not scheduled a week earlier, as Super Bowl attendance the previous week has maxed out all hotels and things will be a mess. MD Anderson is very close to the stadium.
–I am thankful because, even if I use all my vacation time for surgery and recuperation, it is still not enough (since 4-6 weeks is the norm for recovery), but the medical department of my work has allowed me a little extra time back home to fully recover before flying back to Asia. They are so helpful and kind and have blessed my life tremendously in recent years.

Thanks for your interest, prayers and love!