Big red

At the end of the day last Wednesday, after a hard day of packing, cleaning house, and getting ready to go back overseas, I noticed a big bright red area on my skin. It was near my surgical area. I knew immediately that it was an infection.

I called MD Anderson on Thursday. They prescribed me an antibiotic that I picked up at my local pharmacy, and they told me if I couldn’t get to Houston to see them, to go see my regular doctor in my hometown.

This morning, my local doctor was able to swab some pus (too much information?) from my neck scar and sent it to the lab to find out what kind of bacterial infection I have. I’ll find out tomorrow. The doctor and nurses were somewhat dramatic, making a big deal about my infection. I believe they intend for me to take this seriously.

One way or the other, the infection needs to be cleaned out by a surgeon. The locals surgeons refused to do it, because they think the surgeons who performed the surgery on my neck ought to do it. Neck stuff is very sensitive. And once you’ve had 64 lymph nodes removed from your neck, your neck is no longer like most people’s necks. It would be too tricky for a newcomer surgeon to figure out.

So tomorrow … I go back to MD Anderson. The doctor has plans to take me in for minor surgery to clean out the infected area.

My brother has to take off work to take me. We’re kind of hoping we can finish everything in one day and drive back home Tuesday night (so he can go to work Wednesday). But we have hotel reservations in Houston just in case. I usually stay with friends on trips to Houston, but in case my infection is contagious, I opted to stay in a hotel instead.

I’m supposed to be moving back overseas in 11 days. I don’t know how this is going to work out. Maybe it depends on how bad the infection is. It’s hard to pack, do banking, draw up legal documents, and buy supplies when you’re running back and forth from doctor’s appointments day after day.

I’m so glad the cancer is gone. The cancer treatments/medicines/surgeries have left me a bit worse for wear though.

Prayer are, as always, appreciated. If anesthesia is involved, and a knife is in proximity to my carotid artery, you better believe I want God to be guiding my physicians! Thanks.


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