Pain in the neck

I’m still in Texas, hanging out, wondering what comes next. I hope to go back overseas sometime in the coming months, but I have to wait for my employer’s medical clearance before I can get visas, book flights and figure out how in the world to get my dog back overseas.

While I wait, I continue to heal from my latest surgery. It should have been an easy surgery to recover from, but, alas, I took the road less traveled by. When you don’t have lymph nodes in a whole area of your body, it can take a long time for swelling to go down after surgery, if it ever does at all. And swelling hurts, and sometimes the pain makes it miserable to raise your arm or turn your neck. Although the doctors are all pretty much finished with me, telling me to get on with my life, my situation has room for improvement.

So if you would intercede for me awhile longer, I hope you would ask God to help me with a few things:

  1. Ask God to speed up the rate at which the swelling goes down.
  2. Ask God to take away the pain in my body, most of which is concentrated in the area of my right shoulder and right neck. I think the pain is caused by the swelling, so if the swelling dissipates, the pain ought to go away as well.
  3. Pray that I will have better use of my right arm. I would love for it to function normally once again and not hurt.
  4. Pray that the cancer will forever be gone from my body. (If the chemotherapy and radiation damaged my cancer cells as effectively as they damaged the other stronger cells in my body, cancer should be gone for good. I am thankful for medical treatment, but I want all my trust for future health to be in the hands of God!)
  5. Pray that details for my future will work out as they should: the timing, the paperwork, the expenses (of doggy travel, for instance), packing, putting things in storage and other things. I will try to not waste any time worrying about how I am going to accomplish these things, because God knows my needs better than I do and will take care of me. Pray that I will listen to Him carefully as He unfolds the plan in the days to come.

On a lighter note, I was at physical therapy last week and was discussing my red/purple scars with my jovial therapist. I told her I looked a little bit like Frankenstein. She paused, looked at me carefully, and said, “Uhhhh. Yeah, you kind of do!” I’ve had a few odd reactions from strangers while in town — once they see my scars they freak out a little.

As I said, my situation has room for improvement.


3 thoughts on “Pain in the neck

  1. Charlene says:

    Bless your heart – you have bravely fought each new complication. Praying for healing in all areas and that you will be released to fly East as soon as possible. I am sure that your friends there are eagerly awaiting your return! Continuing to pray for you and all your needs.


  2. Continuing to pray for your complete recovery.
    I had some ugly scars after I broke my wrist and I used some silicone strips that helped to soften the scars and reduce the redness. May be worth checking out.
    love Fiona


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