To Houston again

I was planning to go to Houston at the end of this week to get my drain tube taken out, and to have a small surgical procedure done to repair a stitch gone awry. I have appointments for these two things on Friday.

But now I have to go for more appointments on Tuesday because I fear I may have more fluid pockets that they didn’t find when they looked two weeks ago. I have lots of swelling. (My physical therapist, who has seen the problem, agrees with me.) I don’t know if they will have to put in new drains in new places, or what.

I’m also taking antibiotics for an infection — my skin is really red near my neck.

Please pray that my body would heal as it should. The right side of my body has been radiated, so it has more trouble healing.

Pray for safe travels to and from Houston. I think I’m going by myself this trip … not sure.

Pray, too, that I can get appointments at the last minute. I can get in to see my surgeon on Tuesday, but if I need an ultrasound or surgical procedure to place drains in the days to follow, well those are hard to get on short notice.

I wish Houston was a wee bit closer. I also wish I didn’t have to go there anymore. 🙂


3 thoughts on “To Houston again

  1. Jana says:

    I am so sorry to hear you are having complications. I will be praying for your health as well as your travels. I hope you feel better very soon!


  2. I’m so sorry that things keep on going wrong for you, Liz. Will pray for travelling and they can resolve all the problems this week. Keep your chin up–if it doesn’t hurt.


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