Slight complication

I had surgery on Monday, January 25th, and everything went well for awhile. But during the second week after surgery, I noticed increased bruising so I made contact with my doctor. I sent photos and talked with them on the phone a lot. They were worried I had bleeding under the skin so they made me drop everything and go see them again.

If my doctor was local, this would be no big deal. But my doctor is in Houston so the travel makes everything seem like a much bigger deal than it would be otherwise.

With one-hour’s notice, my sister-in-law drove me to Houston this past Monday, February 8th, and we were expecting that I would have surgery once I arrived. They told me not to eat or drink anything so I’d be ready for anesthesia. But when I got there, they decided the situation wasn’t so dire after all, so the idea of hematoma surgery was nixed. But something was definitely wrong.

They did a ultrasound and found out I had a pocket of fluid in a space in my body that wasn’t supposed to have anything. The next day they did a surgical procedure to drain that fluid. Then they surgically stuck a drain in my body that I have to wear for two weeks to make sure the fluid goes away and stays away.

They don’t know why I have such big bruises.

“You bruise easily maybe?” one of them suggested with a shrug.

I had thought I was finished with trips to Houston and visiting doctors. I wasn’t expecting two more trips and so much trouble.

Please pray for complete healing from my surgery.

I look like Frankenstein, with visible red scars and bright purple bruises the likes of which you may never have seen before. Maybe I’m getting better though. Right now it is still a little hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel.


5 thoughts on “Slight complication

  1. Kay says:

    You know now that you mention it I can remember that you bruised easily….you had some shiners from that baton. I sure this is just a speed bump.


  2. Catherine M says:

    So sorry to hear of this complication, especially after you thought itwas all over. God is in control, praying for a quick recovery. xx


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