Radiation – Halfway finished

I am now halfway through my radiation treatments. I’ve finished 15 of 30 treatments.

My neck feels like it has a bad sunburn. My underarm is burned too. I haven’t really felt all that bad from radiation treatment. However, I think my taste buds may have been negatively affected.

I heard that radiation makes people tired so that they take long naps during the day. I was already taking long naps, so I’m not sure radiation has made my life much different than it was before. Today’s nap was 2-1/2 hours long. I call them “healing naps.”

My biggest challenge remains getting my right shoulder, arm and neck to function properly (they’ve been in bad shape since my April 15 surgery). I want to get off of pain medicine, but until this area starts working properly, I’m going to need some kind of pain relief. I tried acupuncture today and will start a Tai Chi class tomorrow. The slow but effective isometric exercise afforded by Tai Chi ought to help my range of motion. I’m also having physical therapy three times a week while I am in Houston. All my classes and appointments are at MD Anderson Cancer Center.

Several people asked why I have magic marker markings all over my abdomen. My entire abdomen is NOT being radiated, but the marks are all over my abdomen so they know how to line me up on the radiation table. They call them “leveling marks.”

Prayer points:

  • Pray I will have more energy.
  • Pray I have relief from pain that is not dependent on pain medicine.
  • Pray I will regain use of my right arm, shoulder and neck.
  • Pray that my skin burns from radiation will be bearable.
  • Pray for my parents to continue to heal well from their surgeries.
  • Pray my cancer goes away and stays away forever.

I may go home this weekend, traveling with a friend. We’ll see how things transpire.

Oh, I bought a comb this week! I’m not sure it was entirely necessary, but it felt good to comb my hair for the first time in three months. My hairdo looks like it belongs on a guy, you know, a Marine or someone like that. I hate the look on me and will keep it covered until it takes on a longer, more feminine appearance. More on my hair some other day.

Thanks for following along with me!


5 thoughts on “Radiation – Halfway finished

  1. Charlene says:

    So thankful you are halfway and pray that the “healing naps” are doing just that and that your energy builds up as you work through the therapy. Praying for comfort and that all your needs are met as you continue to recover.


  2. Patsy Phillips says:

    Think how much babies sleep! That’s when all the change happens, so I think sleep is a good thing. Continuing in prayers for you, my friend!


  3. Wanda says:

    You are my inspiration Elizabeth. You have really been put through the ringer and still have such a positive outlook. God bless your journey and I pray for healing for you daily.


  4. Benjy says:

    I’ve been following your blog from the beginning and praying for you . I also check in with James from time to time and I keep my dad updated bcd home, since he is decidedly low tech. You have been handling this frightening and painful journey with grace and courage. You are getting treatment at the best cancer center in the world with wonderful people who love their patients and love their work and are at the very top of their profession. Powerful instruments in God’s hands. I’ll be praying for relief from your pain, complete healing, and that all of it happens QUICKLY! Hurry, Lord!


  5. Karin says:

    Valerie got a pixie cut a few years ago, and she looked super cute. I’ll bet you will be pulling off a similar look, and destroying all expectations of beauty 🙂

    Love you Aunt Liz, and glad you made it half-way!


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