Pathology report

During my neck surgery, 64 lymph nodes were removed. All were tested for cancer, and only one of the 64 had cancer. The doctors and nurses were ecstatic. I was cautiously so.

The surgeon said, “That is PRETTY DARN GOOD. And in any case, the one that had cancer has now been removed from your body; it’s no longer there.”

Two different nurses’ faces lit up when they asked me if I’d seen the result of the pathology report.

One doctor said, “The only better outcome is to have none out of 64 with cancer, but this is a really good outcome. It shows that you responded very well to the chemo.”

I mentioned that the chemo by itself hadn’t killed all the cancer in my body, and that it seemed reasonable to expect that there could still be other cancerous cells lurking. The doctor said that’s why it is important to have radiation and to continue taking my medicine Herceptin intravenously for a year, to knock out any rogue cells that can’t be detected by normal scans.

I also found out that in the lymph node that had cancer, the cancer cells were encapsulated (or some word like that), meaning it did not appear to have spread beyond the edges of the lymph nodes. This is excellent news. The cancer was confined in the lymph nodes.

The radiation doctor said that radiation cuts the chance of cancer recurrence from 40 percent to 10 percent.

He left me with these words: “I think you have a very good prognosis.”

I hope so. Thank you God!

But please don’t stop praying.


3 thoughts on “Pathology report

  1. Jana C says:

    Thanks for the updates. They are how I keep up with your progress. Although what you have been through has been so rough, I am encouraged after hearing the pathology report and the plan of treatment to take care of any remaining cancer cells. I am hoping there is someone who can drive you to Houston these next couple visits. You need the help driving and finding a place to live! I will be praying for all of that and for your upcoming treatments. I can come June 8th and stay for a few days, if that is any help.


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