Things to pray about now

I’m really glad my neck surgery is over and was successful. The surgery had a lot of potential risks associated with it, and I’m thankful to God that those risks were averted.

However, in the next two weeks leading up to my post-op appointment with the surgeon, I have a few concerns:

DRAIN: I have a plastic drain tube coming out of the bottom of my neck leading into a round plastic reservoir that I can attach to my clothing at my waist. I am concerned that it is going to fall out or get pulled out before the surgeon can remove it on April 30th. If it comes out, I have to drive to Houston to get it fixed, and I really can’t be doing that just for a pulled drain. (I can’t drive at all for several weeks, so a trip to Houston would have to involve other people.) I have to empty the reservoir twice a day, and squeeze stuff out of the tubing. I am risk for infection where the tube exits my skin. I’m not supposed to get any of this stuff wet, but I’m supposed to take daily showers. It’s all quite stressful.

PAIN: They didn’t give me enough pain medicine to last until April 30th. Therefore, I need the pain to subside considerably before April 30th. To get more of this pain medicine, a new federal law says I would have to appear in person at the doctor’s office, which means I would have to go to see the doctor in Houston before the 30th. The pain meds are working wonderfully right now. (If I run out, I’ll probably ask them to call in a different pain medicine for me that doesn’t require me to appear in person to get a prescription.)

MOM: My mom is having shoulder surgery on Tuesday, April 28th. I told her I’d help take care of her after her surgery. But, of course, the day after her surgery I have to go to Houston for three days. My brother and sister-in-law can help my parents, but we’re also trying to pre-plan meals that my dad can prepare during that time frame. Please pray for my mom’s speedy recovery from surgery. She has already postponed her surgery a full month because of me … she really needs to have it done soon.

I’m staying with my parents now. My loyal dog is hanging close to my side while I sit in bed and watch NCIS marathons on TV. I’m enjoying this down time and trying to relax.

My college friend Cindy is planning to drive me to Houston for the post-op appointment. We’ll be in Houston two nights. Cindy and her husband live about an hour away.

I have to go to Houston three or four weeks in a row.

That’s the latest scoop. Talk to you again soon!


3 thoughts on “Things to pray about now

  1. Patsy Phillips says:

    I see that you are feeling a bit overwhelmed. Fear not — for God will make a way for all the details to be completed. I’m praying that the God of peace will keep His hand on you and your family. I really wish I was closer. Love you, friend.

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  2. Jana says:

    I hope you feel lots better very soon! Thanks for the specifics to pray for. I hope your mom’s surgery is successful. I know you wonder how everything will work out, but it will work out. I know you know that! Hang in there! I’m so glad you have a friend nearby willing to help you with your next trip! Prayers for you and your mom!


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