Drove myself to Houston during Easter week


I must be feeling better, because I drove myself to Houston today. It’s not that no one would come with me, it’s just that no one needed to travel with me this time. I feel fine.

I have some tests and a treatment at MD Anderson tomorrow. I plan to drive back home on Friday.

Above is my hotel. That red car is “mine” temporarily.


I enjoyed sitting at a picnic table below these trees this afternoon after I arrived in Houston. The weather is extremely pleasant.IMG_1224I’m going to have to resort to taking selfies if you want to see my face. In the meantime, you can view my happy socks hovering above the green Houston grass. 🙂

The nausea associated with chemo is gone! Yea! Also, my hyper-sensitive sense of smell is gone (I feel sorry for dogs who have that all the time…it is a very unpleasant sensation). I haven’t felt this good since December. I’m thankful for the usefulness of chemo in killing cancer, but I’m also extremely glad it is over. Thank you God for moving me safely along to the next phase of treatment!


5 thoughts on “Drove myself to Houston during Easter week

  1. Jana C says:

    I am so very glad to hear good news! Wow! I can’t believe you felt good enough to drive to Houston! That is wonderful. I’ll be anxious to hear what your doctor(s) have to say! Prayers!


  2. Teresa says:

    Happy to get your up-beat report. I hope the trip is uneventful and includes good news. Have a wonderful Easter weekend!


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