Chemo delayed one week

Due to my recent illness requiring hospitalization, my last chemo in Houston has been delayed one week. I need time for my health to build back up before I go through chemo again.

If chemo had not been delayed, I’d be on my way to Houston right now, and we are having heavy rains that would making driving hazardous. Perhaps the delay is good for more than just one reason!

Prayer needs:

  • Pray that the delay in getting chemo will in no way compromise its ability to attack and kill my cancer cells. Three weeks is the optimal time frame. Four weeks is “reasonable” under the circumstances, according to my oncologist.
  • Pray that my immune system will be strong by the time I get to Houston next week.
  • Pray for my right rib cage area that is in a lot of pain. It’s been in pain for at least a week now. It hurts when I cough, and when I get up and out of bed. I don’t know if I pulled a muscle, cracked a rib, or have something else going on in that area. I mentioned it to the doctors while in the hospital, but no one seemed to think it was significant enough to investigate. I had so many things going on at once that they may  have thought this to be low priority.
  • When I go to Houston next week, the surgeon will decide whether or not to do neck lymph node surgery four weeks later. Pray for wisdom for the surgeon and pray that God’s will be done.
  • I still have that enlarged lymph node on my right neck. Please pray it does not have cancer, and that it would not confuse the doctor as he determines whether or not to do surgery on me.
  • Pray for the ongoing logistics of getting to and from Houston, and for getting doctor’s appointments that are lumped together on the same day or two.


  • On Tuesday, February 24, 5 p.m., I looked at my 81-year-old dad and told him I needed to go the ER. Immediately. He threw on his jacket and drove me to the ER. We sat shivering in the unheated ER for 5-6 hours. After I was admitted to the hospital, he drove to Whataburger and bought me a hamburger and brought it back to me so I’d have something to eat that evening. He hadn’t eaten himself. Then he drove 10-15 miles home near midnight. I thank God for my dad.
  • Several days before I went into the ER, it was apparent that I was very sick. I coughed violently all night and couldn’t sleep. During the night, I saw my 78-year-old mom on the computer, and a little later she was in my room with some homemade cough medicine made out of honey and other ingredients. She’d found the recipe online. I noticed during the night that she slept on her rocking chair instead of on her bed, because she wanted to hear me if I cried out for help. She lives in constant pain. It could not have possibly been comfortable. The next morning I found little round homemade cough drops cooling on a pan — another online recipe she’d discovered during the night. She’d been up all night trying to figure out a way to help me. I thank God for my mom.
  • I thank God for my doctors and nurses. While I was in the hospital, I questioned some of what they were doing, but after I got home and read up on what I had, I realized that they had done an excellent job of diagnosing my problem and whipping me back into health quickly.

I keep thinking about Job from the Bible. He suffered greatly and didn’t know what was going on or why. But God was 100 percent with him through it all and even knew the outcome before the illness ever started. Likewise, I don’t know what’s going on with me or why, but trust that God has a back story and purpose for this just as He did with Job.


7 thoughts on “Chemo delayed one week

  1. Donna H says:

    Sorry you could not go today, but as you wrote it is for the best with the weather and all. Will be praying for your specific request. I have been praying for your mom and dad. They too are in God’s hands just as you are. Proverbs 3:5-6. These verses have helped me through many a day.

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  2. Kay says:

    You definitely have wonderful parents. Sorry you couldn’t go to Houston but clearly it was not time. Could you possibly have pleurisy? It happened to me once and I was miserable. Added you to a new prayer list last night and will add your parents.

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  3. Elise Semrad says:

    Oh Liz! you are exactly where you are intended to be and with your wonderful Mom and Dad how could it be any better. Give them my love and keep some for you. Elise


  4. Wanda says:

    Elizabeth, I too had allergic reactions to the medical tape and the surgical bandages with adhesive. It caused me to have blisters and when the Dr. removed the medical bandage, it tore my skin. I could not even use a band aide over my drain. Just thought I would share that with you so you would not feel alone. Praying for your radiation to pass by quickly and safely.


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