I’m out now

I got out of the hospital today, just in time to prepare for my Wednesday trip to the other hospital in Houston!

While in the hospital in Tyler, I had a high fever, low white blood cell count, low blood pressure, and some infection that was never identified. (Some of the test results don’t come back for two weeks.) They threw all kinds of liquid antibiotics into my bloodstream, and I’ll continue taking antibiotic pills for another week. I’m not completely well, but I’m a lot better than before. I haven’t coughed much at all today, but my voice is still raspy.

I coughed so violently for so long that they said I may have even cracked a rib. My rib cage hurts badly.

I had three different doctors (internal medicine, oncology and infectious disease). They are in touch with my doctor at MD Anderson to make sure he understands my situation before I travel up there soon.

It’s good to be back with my mom and dad … and a very happy little Pekingese!

I am really encouraged by the beautiful prayers and scriptures some of you have shared in the comments (or on email, greeting cards or Facebook). It gives me strength to know that so many of you are praying for me when I feel like I can’t adequately pray for myself. And I can tell you are REALLY praying, not just saying you are praying. I am humbled by your investment of prayer in my life.


5 thoughts on “I’m out now

  1. Kay says:

    That’s great to hear Elizabeth. Let me know when you feel human again…I’d like to come visit you. Praying that Thursday goes off without a hitch.


  2. Prayed this morning. I imagined what I would tell God if I was sitting next to you with my hand on your shoulder, and that’s what I said. Asked for not just a trickle of healing, but rain!


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