Back in a regular hospital room

I’m out of ICU and back into a regular hospital room. They are pumping my I.V. full of saline solution and antibiotics. I think they’ve done all they can do to improve my health, but nothing much happens on weekends, so I’ll probably get to leave the hospital Monday. I hope so. Pray I get an early release. I have a lot to do before I head to Houston on Wednesday for my final chemo treatment.

Prayer list:

  • Pray I get released from the hospital as soon as possible.
  • Pray my voice returns. I’ve been whispering for weeks now.
  • Pray my coughing fits will diminish in length and intensity.
  • Pray I get good sleep. Usually coughing takes over when I try to sleep. (I went one night this week, the night in ICU, with not even one minute of sleep.)
  • Pray that the God who created me will make me well and that people will be in awe of His glory when they see what He can do.
  • Pray for my dad and other family members who have started coughing recently. Pray they will be protected from getting what I got.

6 thoughts on “Back in a regular hospital room

  1. Jana Cullers says:

    Thanks so much for sending the update. I went to a ladies’ retreat last night and today and thought about you so many times! Prayers for your health and also for your family’s health! I hope the antibiotics work soon and you start feeling much, much better!

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  2. Jehovah – jireh, we come before You because You know us, love us and defend us before all things … Please, Sir, would you allow my Sister, Elizabeth, to be able to leave the hospital soon? You know the timing and what is best and right for her so we trust Your timing. And may we ask also that You would heal her vocal chords to speak to be known and heard without error for communications purposes and to make her needs known. We know that You indwell our “temples” and that Your Holy Spirit lives in us so we boldly ask for the coughing to be quieted so that rest might be realized for the healing process to be maximized. We also ask that You protect our Sister’s family from illness and that they may be kept safely by Your mighty hands. O, Creator God, we come without reservation to ask In Jesus’ name that you would heal our Sister and that all who know her and who see her will be truly amazed and left speechless themselves by Your healing of all that has come against her in these days. For Your honor and glory, we seek these petitions from our Great physician Who said, ““I am the Lord, the God of all mankind. Is anything too hard for me? Jer 32:27

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