In the hospital 

I was admitted to the hospital in Tyler tonight (TMF) with low white blood count and possible pneumonia. I’ll be here at least two nights and possibly longer. Prayers are appreciated. I’ve been suffering with this about two weeks. 


7 thoughts on “In the hospital 

  1. Donna H says:

    Prayers going to the throne room now. God may Your will be done in Elizabeth’s life. We know that only You can heal her body. We know You use human hands, but You are doing the work. Lord, I am praying for healing for her, and am asking in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord, and believing that You will answer all the request coming to you for this dear friend.

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  2. M. C. Bail says:

    Oh, Sweetheart, I am so sorry. I am thankful for hospitals, medical teams and knowledge. And most of all, I am thankful that God loves us enough to provide them. I love you.

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  3. So sorry for this …. you are in good hands where you are and in God’s hands … He loves you and ministers to you through those hands He allows to touch you. Praying that Jehovah – raphe surrounds you and keeps your mind on Him. Shalom, Joyce

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