Two weeks of “easy”

From the time I got my chemo on that Friday afternoon until the following Friday, I didn’t much feel like a human.

But then the nausea abated and I have since felt completely normal. I’ve been to church, Target, a church committee meeting, a restaurant to visit a college friend (Wanda), the YMCA to exercise and more.

I can almost forget what the miserable nausea was like during that horrible week. I need to forget it before it comes around again on Friday, February 13th, the date of my next chemo.

For the record, my nausea is extreme, but I do not have vomiting. I wouldn’t normally bother to go into so much detail, but several have assumed it was the latter, and I wanted to clear up that misconception.

Top prayer request: Pray the cancer in my neck lymph node goes away, once and for all!


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