Better now

On Friday, January 2nd I began the second half of my chemo. As mentioned before, the second half uses stronger drugs than were given to me during the first half.

Due to all the anti-nausea medicines injected into my system, I slept through Friday’s chemo, slept about 10 hours that night, slept the whole way back to Tyler on Saturday, went straight to bed, and slept until noon on Sunday. When I woke up, I was more nauseous than I’ve ever been in my life. It didn’t come and go in waves, it just stayed with me every second of the day. I drank Gatorade and Sprite, and ate crackers. I eventually ventured out and ate potato salad, the only thing I thought I could keep down. Everything smelled repulsive to me, too, during this time.

By Wednesday, I started to see some improvement in the way I felt. By Saturday I was completely back to normal again. The misery just lasted one week, and I apparently I will have two good weeks before I go back for more chemo.

I’m not very excited to go back for more though. I keep encouraging myself with the idea that this will kill the cancer.

These are my last three dates for chemo:

  • January 23
  • February 13
  • March 6

In other news:

  • My ECG (heart check) looked good.
  • My neck ultrasound shows that most of my lymph nodes are “clear” now, but there is still one big lymph node that has not cleared of cancer. This is something to pray about.

What’s ahead:

  • After chemo, they may surgically remove my neck lymph nodes. This will be decided in early March.
  • After recovery from surgery, I will have six weeks of radiation aimed at my neck lymph nodes.
  • I will probably have to continue one medicine intravenously every three weeks for the next 9 months.

That’s the news for now. May God bless us all.


3 thoughts on “Better now

  1. Elise Semrad says:

    Oh Liz! I cannot imagine being so sick. The good thing is that there is an end to that part after the next 3 times. My best. to all of you along with your sweet parents who suffer right with you every minute. Love & Prayers, Elise


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