NOW they tell me

The doctor tells me “you’re halfway finished with chemo. The second half, four more rounds, will be with FAC.”

I’d never heard of FAC until half an hour earlier, when my new friend Yolanda in the waiting room told me she was taking it and it was kicking her you-know-what. She told me that FAC is three kinds of chemo meds, and it is much stronger than her previous chemo medicines, with side effects that are harder to deal with. Yolanda is a believer, black and full of spunk. She told me a lot of helpful information, even though I didn’t know it was ever going to apply to me at the time I heard it.

Apparently the doctor thought I knew this info already, that the second half of chemo had totally different drugs than the first half. But somehow they had forgotten to share that bit of info with me.

The RN laughed and said not to worry, it is standard procedure, and it does NOT mean at all that the earlier medicines are not working. She said the doctors sometimes give their patients a choice: do you want the strong medicine in the first half or last half?

I know I have paid close attention to what the doctor has said. I’m sure I’ve never heard this before. I wonder what other surprises are ahead.

The RN said that even though I was fortunate not to lose my hair with the milder drugs, I will definitely lose it all with the stronger drugs. She said I’ll be sick the first week after chemo with nausea, but that if I take my nausea meds carefully I can minimize the side effects. I may have pain; like Yolanda, I may have trouble walking around due to that pain.

Great! I thought I was doing so much better than other patients, only to find out it was due to the fact that I was on “easier” drugs all along.

I was feeling so awesome that I actually drove myself to Houston and back on this three-day trip. But they told me not to come alone next time. I have to head back there on January 1st for a full day of appointments on the 2nd.

If this is how God wants to kill my cancer cells, then so be it. I know He can also speak with His voice and order them into oblivion. I trust in God and ask Him to be with me and make this evil cancer go away.

By the way, the round of chemo I received on Monday went well. Thanks for interceding on my behalf before the Father!


3 thoughts on “NOW they tell me

  1. Kay Beauchamp says:

    It’s a rough road but it’s temporary and you’ll get through it…. And you’re halfway finished. The nausea drugs are really effective. Will you have to go the following day to get a white blood cell shot?


  2. Jana says:

    I know this was definitely not the news you wanted to hear. The good news is you are halfway there. Prayers will continue to ask God to heal you and protect you along your journey! I so appreciate your faith!


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