Monday instead of Friday

I usually go to MD Anderson for chemotherapy on Fridays. But due to a Breast Cancer Convention in San Antonio this past week, my department at MD Anderson was basically vacated, so they asked me to go in on Monday this time instead. I suppose a few days past the regular schedule doesn’t hurt … hope not.

I’m headed to Houston Sunday so I can receive treatment on Monday, then will return home on Tuesday if all goes according to schedule.

I feel fine as long as I don’t do much. I joined the local YMCA so I could use their exercise machines, but even 20 minutes of low-impact work on an elliptical machine tires me out for the rest of the day. I guess my blood counts are low. I try to conserve my energy.

Please continue to pray that God will make my cancer go away, either through His miraculous hand or through medical means. It would be nice to assume that whatever MDA treatment I am going through is going to knock it out according to plan, but I really think it is best to trust God and not take anything for granted.

My parents are both sick with bad colds, so pray for them too. I haven’t caught it from them yet.

Some have asked about my great nephew Gideon, born 3 months premature in Wake Forest. He is doing well, gaining weight, able to breathe on his own when they let him, and his color is healthy. Thanks for lifting him up in prayer.

I know you have lots of people on your prayer lists these days, and I’m just one of many, but please know that whatever fervent prayers you can lift up on my behalf are hugely appreciated. Thank you so much!


4 thoughts on “Monday instead of Friday

    • Thank you so much for your prayers for Mimi’s return!

      I’m afraid Koko, my parents’ dog, is praying Mimi would hurry up and go back to China. They are not getting along (they didn’t get along in 2006-07 when Mimi was here either, so no big surprise, but we were hoping they’d matured…haha)! Mimi is pretty sassy and assertive. 🙂

      Ongoing prayers for the total restoration of my health are much appreciated!


  1. Teresa says:

    Praying for you today as you take your treatment. I hope you continue to handle them okay. I do continue to pray for complete healing! Praying for your parents and nephew too.


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