Finished chemo #2

Last Thursday through Saturday, I was in Houston with my dad.

I had my second round of chemotherapy.

Chemotherapy comes in liquid form, and is in an I.V. bag. I have three different types of medicine, in three different I.V. bags, and they are dripped through an I.V. one after another. It took 2 hours and 45 minutes to receive all three medicines this past Friday. I rested on a hospital bed while I received it. The room has a TV, but I surfed the internet on my iPad during the treatment instead of watching TV. My dad was in the room with me. He helped chase down the nurses if they didn’t answer my beeper in a timely manner.

For some reason, having so many I.V.’s in your arm over a long period of time is not great for your blood vessels. So on Friday morning I had minor surgery to insert a chemo “port” under the skin on my upper left chest under my left collar bone. Chemo needles will be inserted into this port in the future, and the chemo treatment goes faster when fed through a port.

The port is about the size of a silver dollar, about three or four stacked deep. It has a tube coming off of it that is threaded through a vessel in my neck and then to the top of my heart. Sounds dangerous to me, but they assure me it is fine.

They said this port surgery was minor surgery, but it doesn’t feel very minor to me. It hurts like crazy where they cut into me and inserted the device. I’ve been laying in bed recuperating since we returned to my parents’ home on Saturday. I’ve really been dragging.

I don’t feel side effects from the chemo, just from the surgery, its related pain medicine and the medical tape that I am allergic to.

(On the day of my first chemo, I got a flu shot. You’d think they’d want to only give me chemo, to see the side effects of that by itself. But so far I’ve not had just chemo by itself.)

The surgeon who inserted my port sang a Frank Sinatra song, with full recorded accompaniment, prior to the surgery. I like a doctor who finds happiness in the little things. MD Anderson is full of happy employees.

So far I’ve found Chinese people on all my visits to MDA, and got to practice speaking Chinese.

As of now, the lump on my neck (the only one I could feel because it was nearest the surface) can no longer be felt, and this status began on Sunday, October 26th. When my doctor felt my neck on Friday, October 31st, he said:

“Is this the same neck you brought in three weeks ago? I can’t feel a thing.”

I don’t know if God has already made it all go away, or if He is in the midst of making it go away, or what. But I feel His presence. If I am already healed, pray that there will be some way for my doctors to know so they don’t give me unnecessary treatment.


6 thoughts on “Finished chemo #2

  1. Kay Beauchamp says:

    Thinking bout you Lizabeth….every day in this treatment is another day you won’t have to relive. On another note…I took off work today and went to watch the Pecos Eagle Marching Band at the state finals in San Antonio this morning with Cookie. My brother’s granddaughter is a member of the color guard. It was glorious fun and brought back so many memories. Hang tough and keep practicing your Chinese.


  2. Patsy Phillips says:

    I’m so proud of you! Thankful that your dad could go with you to big H and that you got a port. I will be praying as will literally hundreds of others that all good things are ahead for you as well as your family. Thanks for sharing this unexpected journey with us. Xoxoxo


  3. Jana Cullers says:

    I am encouraged by your progress. I am so sorry you have been in pain. Prayers will continue for complete healing of your body and safe travels for your little dog, I mean – best friend! Your courage and faith are very uplifting! I hope the rest of your week gets better every day!


  4. Karin says:

    Granny has often mentioned that she wishes that we all lived within an easy distance of one another. This is one of those moments I agree with her! If we were closer we could all take turns driving with your Houston, and watching crummy day time TV while meds flow into your body, and maybe take some pressure off of G&G, and Uncle James. Well, since this can’t happen, I hope you know that you’ve got family praying for you, and wishing (perhaps more than I’ve ever wished for anything) that they could be by your side going through this with you…also, who wouldn’t want to make fun of day time TV with you? Love you!


  5. Prayers continue for you, Sis …..
    2 Peter 3:9
    The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.
    You have God’s promise … He called you to ‘tell the world of His love’ and you have done this. His promise is not slack to you as for His goodness and love and power to dwell in your heart. He still has in mind His promise concerning good for you and not evil … a future and a hope that only HE can promise and keep. Prayers for you all along and also for little Mimi …. she will be at your side soon licking your face loving on you making you feel soooooo much better. Amen


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