Dog update

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt is not easy or cheap to get a Pekingese from China to Texas. But if all goes well, I will get my dog back in mid-November. She is not able to travel in the cabin, nor is she able to travel as accompanied extra baggage like she could do in the past. She has to go by cargo. (Thanks to those of you who tried to help me get her back in other ways. I was hoping to be able to use your help, but in the end, she has to travel by herself as cargo.)

Please pray:

  • That my Chinese friends wading through dog-shipping bureaucracy will get all the paperwork they need and not lose their minds in the process. One missing piece of paper could mess up the timing and cost tons more money.
  • That my dog will be protected on her journey. By protected, I mean: not lost, not abandoned, not forgotten by whomever turns on the heat in the airplane, not left on the tarmac/warehouse/etc. Pray she’ll get a fairly direct flight with few layovers, that she won’t get upset or sick or even mess up her carrier too much. Pray that God will protect her completely, with the same loving care that He has for the birds of the field, and that she’ll arrive in good health.

It’s so good to know that the pet transport agency employees in China will not have to worry about having a roof over their heads or food in their stomachs for months to come, thanks to the exorbitant fee I have to pay them (the Chinese government requires one to use their official services rather than doing the easy stuff yourself).

I bet when I see my dog’s wagging tail and she gives me a lick on my nose, I’ll think it was all worth it.


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