Strange diagnosis

My neck biopsy showed that I had a certain kind of cancer cell that had spread to my neck. But since the doctors had never seen the location of the primary cancer, they went searching for it.

They did an extensive mammogram, and then an extensive ultrasound on the same area. They found nothing. (So much for “early detection.” Not even late detection attempts seem to do much for me.) Then a few days later they did an MRI. They still can’t find anything. The neck biopsy tells them they are looking in the right place (those kinds of cancerous cells don’t come from other body parts), but they can’t find it.

The ultrasound doctor said that it has happened before that they couldn’t find a tumor. But she said she has never seen a case before where the neck lymph nodes had cancer and the underarm lymph nodes in the same pathway didn’t have any sign of cancer. The underarms should have it worse.

My main doctor confirmed that this was a very strange thing indeed.

You know, a person goes to MD Anderson because the doctors there have already seen it all and know what to do. Do I really want to break new ground in the cancer field by having something that no one else has ever had before?

My doc said if the MRI can’t find anything, then it is unlikely a PET scan will find anything.

But they decided that the chemo medicine would help my neck anyway, so they went ahead and started chemo. They used the medicines that target that special kind of cancer cell found in my neck. I’ve tolerated chemo well so far, with only a queasy stomach, a few rashes, and a fever yesterday.

Radical surgery is not in my doctor’s plans.

I asked the doctors how they would know when my cancer was gone if they couldn’t find it in the first place. They shrugged their shoulders. Well, they can keep checking my neck I suppose, the only place it can be found.

I’m really praying that my weird diagnosis just means God is up to something special and healing. He is, indisputably, the only One who has any idea what is going on. Please pray specifically for healing. Thank you.


7 thoughts on “Strange diagnosis

  1. Just because I have not sent anything lately does not mean I am not remembering you. My heart is very tender toward you and how God is showing Himself to you and IN you these days. Seeing this post makes me wonder WHY? no PET scan has been done yet? As a retired nurse, this was very strange to me then …. thinking spiritually, I know that God does things ‘mysteriously’ and that His ways and thoughts are higher than ours (or any doctor at that) so …… yes, praying for healing of a supernatural kind that can only be known through the Lord’s work. You are in the best of care and the best hands in the world hold you. You are beloved by the Lord God Almighty. Amen


  2. M. C. Bail says:

    I know patience is so difficult with this situation, but you know He is holding your hand throughout this journey. Give it to Him. That is what all of us are doing when we pray for your 100% healing.

    I love you.


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