On Tuesday I was told to wait for the breast cancer center at MD Anderson to evaluate my case and then contact me about an appointment. I was told there was no need to call them, they would call me. But I’ve discovered that they never call me. So this morning, Thursday morning, I called them.

They said they have never heard of me.

That was a bit disheartening.

I told the breast cancer center that I was transferred to them from the internal medicine department, but the computer didn’t show that I had any connection to the internal medicine department either. I had fallen between the cracks and no one claimed ownership of me.

My files were missing and no one was following up on my case.

I called the switchboard, hoping a generic person would help me, and after being on hold for almost an hour, they realized they had made a clerical mistake. Sure enough, no one was following up on my case. If I had waited for them to contact me, I would never have heard from them again.

I was told that by the end of the day I’d have an appointment. By the end of the day I still have no appointment. I’ve been getting the run around for weeks. Maybe MD Anderson is competent at treating cancer, but their administrative system is an absolute mess.

I can’t help but have a strong feeling that the Enemy is throwing all his darts at me. If you followed my other blog, you will know that I have felt opposition from him since at least July when one unexplained disaster after another started to happen. I really believe Satan has targeted me. If you are praying for me, may I suggest that you pray for God’s protection to be around me and that the forces of evil will not prevail against me?

Our battle is not against flesh and blood (not even our own), but against the spiritual forces of this present darkness.


6 thoughts on “What?!!

  1. Yes, I will be praying as you ask. So sorry this has happened …. praying against the forces of evil in the dept at the hospital as well. Also praying this …. Isaiah 54:17
    No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and their righteousness is of me, saith the Lord.

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  2. Lynnell Wyatt says:

    I am so glad that you have the confidence, knowledge, and gumption to take matters into your own hands. So many (probably including me) wouldn’t. if you didn’t, you might be sitting by waiting to get admitted for tests that were completed last Wed. And barring, that waiting for that phone call from the breast center. I’m proud of you.
    Bobby’s Drs. instilled in him that he knew more about his meds that the nurses administering them, and it came in handy when he was given med to decrease his potassium instead of increasing it. He refused to take it and when the nurse checked, he was right.
    I agree with you about Satan being on the attack and will be praying that our all-powerful God and his angels will build a hedge around you. Also praying that your treatment will be as simple as possible, of short duration, and totally successful. Praying for all those who surround you at this time, know the not-knowing is hard on them too. Love you all, Aunt Nnell

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  3. Donna H says:

    Yes, I am praying and will continue. Sorry this has happened. I am going to a women’s retreat this evening and tomorrow and I will ask the women to pray for you. Love you


  4. Kay says:

    If I learned anything from my experience it was that you truly have to be your own advocate. It seems that doctors do not talk they merely pass the baton. Keep pushing…I know your organizational skills and you will keep them straight. Put you on the San Marcos Community Bible Study prayer list last week so prayers are going up.


  5. Karen Davis says:

    I am praying: No weapon formed against you will prosper, and the Battle is the Lord’s, He has you in the palm of His hand and will never let you go, also praying your dog will get here at just the right time. I believe you are to be back here in the Sates for just this time, for a reason, not understandable at this time, but maybe later it will make sense to you. You will get thru this Elizabeth. My friend sent me this scripture this morning and I want to share it with you: “I will say to the Lord my Refuge and my Fortress, my God in whom I trust! Psalm 91:2


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