Biopsy result

According to MD Anderson today, last Wednesday’s biopsy confirmed the previous biopsy from Hong Kong, and cancer exists in my body. They have referred my case to the breast cancer department for further investigation and will contact me for another appointment as soon as they are absolutely certain about the type of cancer and have developed a plan for treating it.

This is not the news I was hoping for.

The doctor said that among cancers, breast cancer is one of the ones that is more treatable. So if you have to get bad news, this is the better kind of bad news to get.

And if you have to go to a cancer hospital, MD Anderson is, perhaps, the best one to go to. But it is still better if you never need to go there.

Please do not give up on praying for me. I need your prayers more than ever now. I’ll keep you posted. Thanks.


6 thoughts on “Biopsy result

  1. “Heavenly Father, I thank You so much for this day. Thank You for blessing us with it and in it another opportunity to serve You. Thank You for being the light in this dark world. I lift up my friend, Elizabeth, to you. Please make your unmistakable presence very real to her and give Your precious child comfort and peace during this battle. She yearns for Your care and attention. Walk with her in this journey and where it’s Your will, bring about healing to her body. Would you give faith to her family in these days as well and strengthen them in a powerful faith and believing prayer that honors You. I pray for Your hand over all of her care and that You will be with the doctors and health professionals who touch my special friend in each encounter. May she recognize Your own merciful hands as her Great Physician”. Abba Father

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