Biopsy finished

This morning at MD Anderson, I had a second biopsy on my neck (the first one was in Hong Kong). They gave me some drugs in my I.V. to make me groggy, then I watched on the ultrasound screen as they did the biopsy with core needles. The largest lymph node was the one they biopsied. It looked huge on the ultrasound screen, but they said in reality it was much smaller, just centimeters long/wide.

It took about an hour to prep me for the procedure, another hour to do the procedure, and 45 minutes in recovery to make sure my blood pressure was stable. I have a huge bandage over my sore neck now.

My brother drove me back to the Tyler area and I am now at my parents’ house again. I can’t do much because of my sore bandaged neck.

They said the result will be known by next Wednesday and my doctor should call me to set up an appointment for follow-up. Does that mean that when they have the result they won’t actually tell me on the phone, but make me wait for an appointment that could be a week later?

I have no idea. I hope not, but fear it could happen that way.

There may not be much to report for the coming week, so I may skip a few days, but please check back with this blog next week. (You can also “follow” this blog, and that means that updates will automatically be sent to your email inbox.)

Thank you all for your love and prayers during this strange, surreal time of my life.


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