Monday at MD Anderson

I had a CT scan late last night. The technicians congratulated me on cooperating well because they got very clear pictures.

When the doctor finally showed up today, she told me that besides the swollen lumpy lymph nodes in my neck, they can find absolutely nothing else wrong with me from all the extensive testing they have done in the past four days.

But my doctor in Hong Kong told me that my lymph nodes were cancerous and were secondary to another cancer in my body. So now his biopsy is in question.

I will have my new biopsy on Wednesday (not today as they had told me at first). That should answer the question once and for all.

There are three general outcomes that could occur:

1. They could find that my original biopsy report was a mistake and that I have no cancer. That would be awesome. Of course we’d still need to figure out what is wrong my lymph nodes, because they are clearly disturbed with something.

2. They could find out that only my neck has cancer. This is usually lymphoma and is treatable. There are reasons why they don’t think I have lymphoma (I don’t have the right symptoms), but we’ll see.

3. They could find out that my neck has cancer that is secondary to a cancer in another part of my body that couldn’t be detected by all other exams. They cannot treat the cancer until they know which part of the body it originated from, because all cancers are treated differently. If for any reason they know you have cancer but can’t find its origins, it’s not really a good thing because it is not treatable and can’t be monitored. This diagnosis is called CUP (cancer unknown primary). People really get this diagnosis, but my doctors think the biopsy pathology slides can be evaluated to such an extent as to avoid an ongoing diagnosis of CUP.

Please pray really hard in the coming days that it will be an excellent outcome. I won’t know the outcome until a week after the biopsy.

They kinda kicked me out of the hospital today. I really liked it there, felt safe there, and wish I could stay another two days, but they said insurance wouldn’t pay for me to sit there in a relatively healthy state for another two days. Plus someone else who was sick in the ER needed the hospital bed, so I reluctantly bid adieu to that lovely room where I spent three nights. So the next two nights prior to the biopsy, I have to stay in a hotel in Houston. I wish they had told me I was leaving the hospital before 5:30 p.m., because all the hotels in town were already filled up and we spent about 3 hours trying to find some place to stay.

Although today’s news seems somewhat positive, please remember it still has the potential to go either way. Please do not fail to pray for me, please! God’s work and your prayers have brought me where I am thus far, so let’s pray that God’s power will be displayed through all the things that are to transpire.


4 thoughts on “Monday at MD Anderson

  1. Sister, praying for you this early morning … remembering you to our Jehovah – Rapha and these loving Words from Him ….. Psalm 62:1 “Truly my soul finds rest in God; my salvation comes from him.”

    Psalm 4:8 “In peace I will lie down and sleep, for you alone, Lord, make me dwell in safety.”

    Love & prayers, Joyce

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  2. Kathleen McDonald-Bass says:

    Praying, praying, praying!! Are God is mighty – and so glad that He has had you there for the best of the best to get a precise diagnosis. I am hoping that the hotel room will be comfortable enough for you. Thanks for keeping us updated! : ) Hugs to you!

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