Sunday in Houston

I was admitted to MD Anderson Hospital in Houston in the wee hours of the morning Saturday, after having arrived at the E.R. around 10:30 p.m. Friday night.

During the night Friday night, they ran CT scans and did other testing. Saturday they did a few things (I already forgot what; I think I slept a lot that day), and now I’m waiting to have more tests done on Monday.

On Monday I will have another biopsy on my neck since the Hong Kong pathology slides didn’t have enough tissue left for MDA to determine where the primary site of my cancer is. They can’t treat cancer until they know what kind it is/where it came from originally and a lab analysis will hopefully determine that. (They say that my lymph nodes got it from some other part of the body.) The previous biopsy used fine needles, but the one Monday will cut out an entire lymph node. The lab analysis may take 3 days. They may send me home on Tuesday and then have me back a few days later to find out the results and start treatment.

Of course I’m hoping they’ll find out during the biopsy that this is all one big mistake, and that I swallowed marbles to create lumps in my throat instead of contracting cancer. But I am trying to be realistic as much as possible too.

On Monday I will also have a CT scan for another part of my body.

I’m on an I.V. all the time to flush the contrast\dye out of my body from the last CT scan and get my kidneys healthy and ready for the next round of CT scans.

I have a hospital room to myself. I have two TVs in my room, one for me, and one for my guest on the sofa to watch.

The food is like a fancy restaurant, and I can order whatever I want for meals (including steaks, burgers, Mexican food, stir-fries, Blue Bell ice cream, you name it). Guests have to pay for their own food, but patients get it as part of the cost of the room.

The atmosphere here is really warm and caring. It feels nice knowing that someone who knows a lot about cancer care is just outside my door. Or often, they are inside my door. All my questions are answered. Everyone is friendly and it seems like a low-stress work environment for the employees. This is the place to be if you have cancer.

No one has even asked me for my insurance card.

I can see the Astrodome from my hospital room.

I may not post something every day, but I will try to post something when there is something newsworthy.

I do hope you will continue to pray for me, with fervency as the Lord leads you. Bless you all!


2 thoughts on “Sunday in Houston

  1. Donna H says:

    Still praying God’s will be done. Last Sunday our pastor preached on the prayer of Jabez and today it was on the Lord’s prayer. My SS class is praying for you also.


  2. Kathleen McDonald-Bass says:

    Hope today has been good – and that none of the tests have been too painful. Praying for peace and bravery Hugs to you!! : )


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