Still no news

WEDNESDAY UPDATE: I thought I would find out today what kind of cancer I have. But I still don’t know. A few things have been eliminated as possibilities. I will be tested on three other possible things in the coming days. A PET scan would solve the mystery, but the insurance company won’t approve it yet.

THURSDAY UPDATE: Still no news.


3 thoughts on “Still no news

  1. Ed and Robin Andrews says:

    Lizzie, I have been living with cancer cells within my body since 2009. The doctors can’t find where they are located but tell me they are there. We monitor it and I ingest my daily meds. We pray that God will take it from me and we are thankful to Him. I share this because you need to know that it does not always mean a terrible outcome and in my case, it has given me the opportunity to witness to others. Our visits to Cancer Treatment Centers of America are quite enlightening and we meet people there who tell us they were given no hope by their doctors at home and CTCA has given them many years beyond what they were told. We will continue to pray for Gods healing and for your peace of mind. Ed & Robin

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