One month ago

Exactly one month ago to the minute, my life was normal — normal for me, that is.

Exactly one month ago to the minute, I was an hour and ten minutes away from finding a lump on my neck.

Exactly one month ago to the minute, I had no idea that my life would be thrown on its head. I didn’t know I’d be

  • getting an unfavorable diagnosis
  • tossing out 4/5ths of my clothing, most of my paperwork, lots of things in storage
  • abandoning my home and dog and belongings either forever or temporarily, I do not know (perhaps for someone else to come along later to rifle through, a horrifying thought)
  • arriving in the U.S. with five bags, no home, no car, no working phone — but with a family who took me in and gave me what I need, praying friends, and good insurance
  • treading in unchartered waters spiritually, physically and mentally.

I haven’t even been home a week yet. It feels like I’ve been here months. Jet lag is excruciating this time around, making a hard situation even harder.

PRAY. God is greater than every cell in my body and they cower at the sound of His voice. He is greater than all things, has power over all things, and nothing can thwart God’s plans. Cancer is bad. God is good. Pray for His power to be displayed in my life as it was for those in the Bible who asked for His hand of healing.


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