Need help getting my dog back

Mimi the love bug

Note: I am still awaiting a diagnosis. If I have to stay in the U.S. a long time, I need my dog back. The following article is a little premature, but I am posting it already because so many people have asked for this information.

My dog best friend is in China and I need to get her to the U.S. Maybe you can help.


Mimi is a Pekingese, age 9, about 20 pounds. Sweetest, funniest dog ever.

United Airlines is the only airline that both (a) takes pets from China and also (b) takes Pekingese.

Pekingese can only travel when the temperature is between 45°-75°F in all cities on her travel itinerary. Pet services use the Shanghai – San Francisco – Dallas route that United flies, and that’s the same route I took with Mimi in 1996 to get her to Texas. (Pet services cost $5000-6000, so I’m trying to find a friend to help instead.)

Mimi is too big to fit under the seat in front of you. She has to be checked as excess baggage.

If I can find someone who will fly from China to the U.S. and take my dog as excess baggage, this could work. The person would need to fly out of Shanghai on a Saturday or Sunday before November 8th. The person would need to fly United and take my dog through Customs in San Francisco, walk her, then re-check her as accompanied baggage to Dallas. (My dog has done this once before, with me.)

If after November 8th, my dog will have to re-do her annual shots and wait 30-days to make sure the shots have taken effect. I’d rather not wait that long, because then it may be too cold for her to travel.

I prefer someone who speaks a little Chinese or knows the culture to do this errand, though I can be flexible if necessary.

If someone already living in China could fly back to the U.S. (Dallas), this is most ideal. If someone already needs to travel between China and the U.S. for another reason and would help me, again, this is best.

If I can’t find anyone already traveling, then I may need to pay an economy class ticket and two nights’ lodging for someone who would be willing to go get my dog. Perhaps someone who used to live in China would like to go for a visit? In this case, you’d need to process your China travel visa soon to have it in time.

I have friends in China who can process my dog’s paperwork and deliver her to Shanghai Pudong airport on your day of departure, pay the excess baggage fees, etc. I just need a live person to travel with my dog. This has to be well-coordinated and your name has to be on my dog’s paperwork.

I could arrange to meet Mimi at DFW airport upon arrival.

There is NO WAY I can deliver Mimi to any other Chinese airport. It has to be Shanghai Pudong airport. She has to have a physical exam in Shanghai exactly 7 days before her travel day (my friends in China can arrange that), and her paperwork will arrive at the airport with her.

In summary, I just need someone who will fly United Airlines before November 8th, with a Shanghai – San Francisco – Dallas route, and check my dog as baggage. It’s not a hard job. Taking care of my dog during Customs inspection in San Francisco is the only thing that makes it different from any other trip a person might take.

This must be well-coordinated, but it can be done. Can you help? Do you know someone who can help?


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