Bad news on a sunny day

Six hours ago I sat in my doctor’s office as he told me I have cancer.

The lymph node malignancy is secondary, meaning I have something somewhere else in my body too and no one knows where yet. To find out, I need a PET scan that will check my full body. And that will be done in the U.S. After that scan is done, I will stay in the U.S. for an indefinite extended time for treatment.

I arrive back in the U.S. 5-10 days from now. First I have to fly back to my East Asian hometown to regroup, pack a few things, and figure out all kinds of things … like what to do with my dog.

My deep thanks to my organization and the offering that supports it for covering my costs for personal travel and insurance. That is one thing I don’t have to worry about.

Life is going to change. But God’s spirit has me covered. As one friend put it, God is not wringing His hands wondering what to do next. He knows what it is, where it is and what this is all about. I will miss my friends and life in East Asia, but will look forward to being home for awhile. Will you please pray for me?


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