August 17th — it all begins

I pretty much never touch my neck, so it was odd that I did so on the evening of Sunday, August 17. A lump was on the right side. Not knowing if that was normal, I checked the left side. Nothing. Lack of symmetry, hmmm, that’s a bit suspicious.

The neck ultrasound the following day showed 6-7 swollen lymph nodes on the right side, one on the left. I could only feel one, but others lurk deep below.

Might be nothing, might be an infection, and might be something really bad. If the lumps don’t disappear in about a week, I have to leave the country to get a biopsy; an American doctor living in Asia is advisor for my case. In the 10 days since I first noticed it, the knot hasn’t gone down in size.

Well, whether I have an infection or worse, my prayer is that it will go away and become normal again so I can carry on doing important things. I would love for prayerful believing friends to join me in praying for this latest dart from the enemy to go far away from me. Thank you.


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